baritone sax stand extra main tube low A

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You are playing low A as well as low Bb baritone saxophones? No problem with this extra main tube. When you order our stand with an extra main tube, you basically have two complete stands for two different instruments. The only thing you have to do, is to be sure you pack the stand in the instrument that you will be using for a gig, so you do not end up on the stage with only a main tube, or no stand at all and the the stand at home in your other instrument. The two tubes will be fitting perfectly to both the tube holder as well as the bell holder of the stand when you order together. Would you want to order an extra main tube for an existing WoodWindDesign stand, you will have to send the stand to WoodWindDesign’s workshop. The tubes have to be matched to be sure of a perfect combination.


Be sure to order a low Bb main tube with a low A baritone stand or a low A main tube with a low Bb baritone stand.

Would you also like to order one pouch for the combination? Be sure to order the low A pouch, it will be 14 cm longer than needed for the low Bb stand, but that problem is smaller than having a Bb pouch that is 14 cm shorter than what you need for a low A stand.

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