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A PVC disk of 35 cm in diameter, with two extendable part black carbon tubes. 2.5 kilo, 5.5 lbs.
Very low profile on stage, both literally (no tripping over legs) as well as visually (flat black disc, and discrete matte black tubes)
Disk and tubes can be disconnected easily for transport.
Special for traveling orchestra’s and bands and ensembles: easy to stack up to 10 disks WHITHOUT removing the carbon tube, due to the slot in the disc.
Two threaded connections for the carbon tube: one centered as usual,
but one very much excentric to compensate for use of long microphone booms and heavy micophones WITHOUT  using extra weight.

The base that will carry various combinations of

music desks 1,2 & 3 (small, medium and large orchestral desk)
the tablet holder,
the single microphone plug
microphone booms 1,2 &3 (small but extendable, 50 cm long, 100 cm long)
as well as the bow hook, the cup/bottle holder as well as the extra shelf.

The New Standard introduction 

The New Standard Manual

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