contrabassoon stand

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Be one of the first to order the ultra light, travel in-instrument, contra bassoon stand. The weight is unbelievable: 750 grams only! The stand has four legs in stead of three (like what you are used to). It is made with carbon tubes that are very much more stiff than the metal tubes that the competition uses. Therefore the stand is more stable and does not bend back under the influence of the weight of the contra bassoon. This stand is based on the principles of the WoodWindDesign bassoon, bass clarinet and baritone sax stands, that have proven their extreme usefulness and reliability to many musicians world wide.

These principles are:

1. The stands are assembled and disassembled very easily.
2. The small parts that make up the stand, fit into any instrument case, partly even into the instrument itself: easy transport, no extra luggage, no extra checking in, virtually no extra weight on your shoulders.
3. The extreme light and stiff carbon tubes with different diameters can be stored into each other.
4. Hand crafted with passion and precision by the designer himself, a professional  Dutch (bass) clarinettist with a keen eye for the needs of the woodwind player.
5. Customizing is always possible, feedback of the users may be part of the continuous developing of the design. For instance: best height in terms of weight reduction as well as stability is 70 cm. Do you want the stand higher because you feel that is better? No problem at all.
6. Oh, and a beautiful minimalistic design, if I may say so myself.
7. Have you seen the  bass clarinet and bassoon stands and baritone saxophone stands? Have you read the customer’s reviews of these stands? Have you seen Brian Landrus promoting the bass clarinet and bari stands and Michael Lowenstern comparing tiny WoodWindDesign with the competing Giants like K&M and Hercules? Then you know what to expect.
8. Just order and make yourself part of a major development in WoodWindDesign (and save a lot of sweat, annoyed fellow travelers or airport fees in the proces).

Delivery time at the moment is approximately 4 months.

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