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This disc stand is an off spring of the tablet stand that WoodWindDesign developed especially for and in colaboration with the Amsterdam Sinfonietta string orchestra.

The base is a black PVC disc, diameter 350mm  with a large open slot, onto which two black nesting carbon fiber tubes are mounted. The height is variable between 68 and 130 cm. The friction mechanism between the tubes is invisible, as well as easy to access for friction adjustment.
This forms the base for the WoodWindDesign carbon tabletholder, the small or large polycarbonate music desk in combination with accessores like the cup/bottle holder, bow hook, extra shelf or microphone boom. As an extra option there is an extension for the vertical pole available, in case the musician is on a raised stage, and the stand on a lower level.

Set up on stage for  smaller or larger ensembles is fast and easy. The vertical poles are easily attached and removed with a reliable screw mechanism, the discs can be easily stacked and the tubes easily bundled for unprecedented compact transportation.
However, contrary to the disc stand medium, the tubes do not have to be removed from the large disc to be able to stack these stands,  the slot in the disc allows for easy and compact stacking or transportation by hand truck.

It looks great, classy and minimalistic, but at the same time aims at a minimum of distraction for the audience from the music that is performed.
The black disc is only 20 mm thick, and has a large facet making the profile very low indeed.
The vertical black mat tubes (not the well known high gloss “carbon look”) show no profile, no reflexion, no height adjustment system, just a vertical black round tube.
The extremely slim tablet holder completes the exclusively vertical impression of the stand.

(sorry for the pictures…)

Additional information

Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 2 cm

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