ReeGenerator L6 testcase

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Single reeds will bend towards the mouthpiece during playing, making the effective  tip opening as well as the facing length of the mouthpiece/reed combination smaller.  This comes on top of the fact that even brand new commercially produced reeds that I have checked are bent towards the mouthpiece FROM THE VERY START. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself. Put a new reed on a very smooth surface (for instance a piece of aluminum profile) and look under the reed. Elevations of the heart of the reed of 0.2 mm for a Bb clarinet reed are no exception.

That is a ridiculous and unacceptable 20% of the 1 mm tipopening (Bb clarinet mouthpiece)

Smaller tip opening and facing means less expressive tools and the faster the reed bends toward the mouhtpiece, the shorter the active life will be.

The solution: let the reed dry on a surface that is NOT PLANE! The ReeGenerator has a flat surface for the part that rests on the mouthpiece table, and a curved convex area for the vamp of the reed. Variations in length and slope of the curve result in various amounts of “openness”, see the drawing.

The testcase ReeGenerator holds 6 reeds with different slope characteristics so you can experiment and see what is best for you, given your embouchure and saliva and their “aggressiveness”.

Pulling the reed a bit down on the reedbed will make the change of tip opening/length of the opening smaller, so there is a lot to experiment. (see drawing)

When you know what’s best for you, you can order a 12 reed case with the specifics that you like. for instance max slope 0.5 mm, length 30 mm  (soon on the webshop) (pictures will follow)

The ReeGenerator S6 is for Eb and Bb clarinet, sopranino and soprano saxophone
Model M6 is for alto and bass clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone
Model L6 for contrabass clarinet, baritone and bass saxophone.


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