soprano saxophone stand

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Extremely stable

The sopranino stand is just a soprano saxophone stand with a somewhat smaller disc.

WoodWindDesign’s new ultra light carbon soprano saxophone stand (PATENT PENDING) has some features in common with the well-known wooden stands for flute, oboe and clarinet. Four flexible carbon feet, that are held in place with magnets, provide excellent floor contact, even with uneven floors.

Lightweight and transportable inside the instrument (case)
The feet can be pulled out of the stand very easily and be stored inside the core of the stand for transport. The two plastic discs with different diameters can be pushed up and down the stand, providing a perfect fit for the exact bore size of your instrument.

The discs can also be removed or pushed down entirely, to fit clarinet or flute.

Weight: 50 grams / 1.8 oz
Transportable inside instrument (case)
Four legs with magnetic joints
Extremely stable
Also suitable for flute and clarinet

WoodWindDesign’s innovations are the result of an ongoing quest for improvement. Being a small company, our improvements can therefore easily be introduced. Is it possible that the design of the actual product that you will recieve is different from the product pictures. 


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