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When you crack a tube, or leave a part of your stand in the orchestra pit, you don’t want to buy a complete new stand.
Well you don’t need to in most cases. Most of WoodWindDesign’s product parts can be replaced.

There is one possible problem: fitting the parts  – for instance a new tube- to the existing parts (central tubeholder). The carbon tubes that are used have a tolerance in the diameter. This means a certain tube can be e.g. 17.85 mm or 17.70 or 17.89. To be certain of the good friction between tube and tube holder, some work may or or may not be needed. When you trust yourself with tools, that is no problem. When you want me to fit the new part perfectly, I need al the parts of the stand in the workshop.
Since there are a lot of different parts, and repairs are very rare, contact me through or the contact page of this site.

Rubber friction O-rings for microphone and trombone stands:

I can supply you with O-rings, but the shipment costs are ridiculously high compared to the price of the rings.
However, these are pretty standard and cheap materials, that can be purchased online in your own country.

for instance in the USA : What you need is NBR O-rings, material thickness 6 mm, inner diameter is 4 mm less than the tube diameter.
Example: the tube that needs new O-rings is 17.85 mm wide. Think of this as 18 mm. You will need NBR O-rings of 14 x 6 mm.


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