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Bassoon Stand #12

Rated 5 out of 5
24 January 2020

My custom bassoon stand #12 is both a wonderful work of craftsmanship as well as a very functional and sturdy bassoon stand. I’m very pleased and have shown it to a few of my colleagues here in New York City. I’m quite sure that there will be a few more coming to the US because of the simplicity of design and the lovely functionality. I asked Gijs to make the central stock of the stand out of a beautiful wood (in honor of my father) and he chose a very lovely and figured birds eye maple (Kirilian Birch) as the strong core of the stand. The beauty of it is the contrast between the black carbon fibre and the lovely organic wood. Really stunning. Congratulations to its maker and a hearty “Braveaux” to your continued success!

Michael L. Breaux

Generell / Klarinettenständer Modell 3

Rated 5 out of 5
24 January 2020

Gijs van Leeuwen produziert mit der Leidenschaft des Ingenieurs und der Kenntnis des ausübenden Musikers Ständer für Holzblasinstrumente – Flöte, Oboe, Saxophon, Fagott. Aber besonders für das Instrument, das er selbst spielt oder viele Jahre gespielt hat: Die Klarinette und die Bassklarinette. Dafür verwendet er modernste Werkstoffe – Carbon, Magnete und edle Hölzer. Daraus fertigt er handwerklich ausgereifte Produkten, die dem Instrument sicheren Stand bieten. Sie sind sehr leicht und im Instrumentenkoffer bequem aufzubewahren. Individuelle Wünsche berücksichtigt er nach Möglichkeit. Ich selbst benutze schon den Klarinettenständer Modell 3 und bin damit sehr zufrieden! |:|:|:|:| Gijs van Leeuwen produces with the passion of the engineer and the knowledge of the performing musician stands for woodwind instruments – flute, oboe, saxophone, bassoon. But especially for the instrument that he himself plays or has played for many years: the clarinet and the bass clarinet. For this purpose he uses state-of-the-art materials – carbon, magnets and noble woods. From this he manufactures handmade, sophisticated products that offer the instrument a safe stand. They are very light and easy to store in the instrument case. Individual wishes are considered as far as possible. I myself already use the clarinet stand model 3 and am so very satisfied! |:|:|:|:|

Achim Hohlfeld

Bass Clarinet stand

Rated 5 out of 5
24 January 2020

Gijs is filling a big need for touring musicians. I am amazed at the brilliant design and quality craftsmanship. Peace.

Peter Kuhn


Rated 5 out of 5
24 January 2020

I love this bass clarinet stand! I had the occasion to use it under battle conditions recently in a concert where I was performing the Wagner Prelude and Lovedeath and Der Rosenkavalier Suite, where I switched off between basset horn and bass clarinet. Both instruments fit perfectly on the stand, and then entire stand fits INSIDE my bass clarinet case. Plus it is so amazingly light. I love this!

Michael Drapkin

composer and flutist

Rated 5 out of 5
24 January 2020

I recently purchased a bass flute and a contrabass flute stand from WoodWindDesign. These stands have improved my quality of life! Like all of us who frequently carry heavy instruments and equipment, every ounce counts! These ultra-lightweight stands are a huge plus.

Robert Dick


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