tuba stand

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The new 2023 model carbon tuba stand consists of eight nesting carbon fiber tubes     (14-28 mm outer diameter), two tube holders that connect the tubes, and three  instrument supports. The weight is only 600 grams  (1.3 lbs) making possible a weight reduction of 75%   compared to the well known metal tuba stands. Due to this fact and the nesting tube system, the complete stand can travel inside the bell of the instrument, or of course in any back pack.

The stand is adaptable to the width of your instrument (26 cm – 52 cm = 10 ” – 20″) as well as to the diameter of its tubes.
(9-13 cm  and  11-17 cm = 3.5  – 5.1″ and  4.3″ – 6.7 “).



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Weight 600 g
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